Jennifer Lopez Teaches Maria Menounos the Booty Shake – Extra Interview PT 2 – Extra Exclusive: J.Lo Teaches Maria Menounos the Booty Shake! Jennifer Lopez recently gave “Extra” host Maria Menounos a very sexy lesson on what Lopez coined, “the booty shake.” The singer, who couldn’t demonstrate the moves due to what she was wearing, told Maria, “I can’t show you now, ’cause this is like a prom dress… [but] I can tell you this: it’s all in the knees. Shake your knees.” After Maria gave it a shot, Jennifer smiled, “Pretty good… the whole room is like, ‘Yeah, I love you!’” The star, who recently sat down exclusively with “Extra,” talked about moving on from her split with Marc Anthony, and putting those breakup headlines behind her. “You keep going, and that’s what it is.” When Menounos asked where her “toughness” comes from, Lopez laughed, “My mom! My family… you know, they’re there during the hard times. The babies… it’s like I’m strong for them… you know… love.” Speaking of her twins, Max and Emme, 3, Jennifer proudly gushed, “They’re both very musical. I think Emme has a voice… really has a voice, but she doesn’t like to sing right now, but when she sings, you’re like, ‘Okay! She has a little vibrato there!’” Lopez, who is psyched to do a music video with Black Eyed Peas singer and Mick Jagger, revealed, “Will was like, ‘Yeah, man, I want you to do it, we have Mick Jagger on the record,’ [and] I was like, ‘Wow.’” The singer added, “You know what? It’s a hot song!” The song

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6 Responses to Jennifer Lopez Teaches Maria Menounos the Booty Shake – Extra Interview PT 2

  1. larryxbox says:

    howard stern was talking about that dumb laugh….she sucks

  2. ayeitzORO says:

    You should showed her how YOU do it..J.LO 

  3. TheGreg131313 says:

    It’s all in the thighs.

  4. bluemusicpeace12 says:

    It’s all in da knees loool

  5. CanadianGangsta709 says:

    WOW. JLo and Maria Menounos together. They have two of the best asses in the world…along with Jessica Biel. Who has the best ass of the three? Matter of opinion i guess.

  6. hannzmoney says:

    holy shit maria…. i love you . oh yeah FIRST !!!!!!