Phat White booty shake

Phat White booty shake

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25 Responses to Phat White booty shake

  1. musiq50ul says:

    wow my ass is smaller and i shake it better. gtfoh. its sad when white girls have ass and still cant shake it

  2. hellvice76 says:

    I think, I’ve recognized this booty, that I’ve seen them before on cam at 3xlivecams(dot)com

  3. sz42781 says:

    juiciest ass on youtube

  4. Stampede7700 says:

    girl your ass is huge!

  5. chainsawbo1 says:

    @Naski69 Your gay as fuck!

  6. jraybay says:

    Wtf… shes mixed with somethin for real… I’ve never seen a white girl so blessed like that lol.

  7. Meggido971 says:

    @SweetGirlieBeccaz So, where is your video babe ?

  8. Naski69 says:

    She’s hot if you like fat girls.

  9. EyEqUbE1 says:

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  10. itsallright69 says:

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  11. matamoros187 says:

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmm give me u number gurl so we can do sumthing

  12. SweetGirlieBeccaz says:


  13. jray105 says:

    damn greatest ass ever !!

  14. thei1one says:

    Dancing lession lol, but not a bad booty!

  15. ilm7841 says:

    She Dances Like She’s Going Through An Exorcism But No Matter She Is Still Hot !

  16. janejonesy says:

    Me like

  17. MrPent9295 says:

    this bitch dance. what a waste.

  18. flowrevealed says:

    Got DAMN …THis has to be the best ASS on YOUTUBE….tell me something better than this,

  19. country295 says:

    you are so verry hott and you are doing it just right slow and nice you are a bab

  20. DimasGotSwagger says:

    whats the name of this song?

  21. MrKelz22 says:

    @gun streets I agree he jus A true fag jus by commenting on the vid

  22. rolloff61 says:

    definately one hell of an ass on her, when she turned around at the end got a glimpse of her camel toe, would like to see a full frontal of that.

  23. GunStreets says:


    thats for letting everybody know you’re a faggot

    just the way you talk makes me sick, you’re a disgrace to all men

  24. Calvinc68 says:

    I would put so much nut up in this chick

  25. GauchoKnight72 says: